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Hey pals, MARGO here. There is a lot you probably don't know about me, but that's okay! I'll tell you a few things: 

I am a Dallas native, an enneagram 6w5, and a lover of the simple things in life. I hate long walks on the beach, consumerism, and I only like brownies when they come fresh out of the oven. 

On another note (pun absolutely intended), 

I value music, words, and people a lot. I tend to sing about the hard stuff (and the good stuff). Music and people are always holding hands and I am a big fan of doing what I can to create space for that to take place in my own sounds. Feel free to give my songs a good ole fashioned listen or two. I hope my words provide some comfort, empathy, or groove for you. if not that is okay too. Just know that wherever you are, you're not alone. 


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